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Facing Tough Decisions

2021 09 16 Facing Tough Decisions Header

Since the introduction of the British National (Overseas) visa programme announced by the UK Government last July, many Hong Kong residents who qualify under the new arrangements have pondered whether a move to the UK will give them the best option for their future and that of their families.

This article, which appeared in the South China Morning Post on 7th August 2021, follows the experience of a couple of Hong Kong families who have taken the plunge. Filled with the hope of finding a better and more secure future in the UK, but often tempered by regret at having to leave their community, family and friends, many have applied under the new visa scheme, and some have already made the move.

Such a step cannot be taken lightly. The SCMP article chronicles the numerous social, cultural and economic challenges which will confront the majority of those seeking to set up a new home in a completely different environment over 5,000 miles away.

The potential departure of tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents to the UK as well as to other overseas options and the loss of young talent, presents Hong Kong with a challenge both to society in general and its wider economy. Hong Kong is changing and it should be of concern to us all that so many talented young people believe that their future lies elsewhere.

Many of us will personally know one or more of these would-be emigrants. We at A-PASS are no exception.

An experienced and long-standing member of our staff has applied under the BN(O) visa scheme and will be leaving our Hong Kong office later this month, along with her family. A-PASS is fortunate to be part of the Capricorn Capital Group, a UK-based family office group, which has an office infrastructure and staff in London able to offer support to her.

This, together with the earlier migration of our business into the Cloud, means that our staff working from home or living abroad can continue to provide a seamless service to our clients remotely, and will not be lost to the Group if they decide to live elsewhere. She will remain part of our global team and be able to keep in regular contact with her Hong Kong based colleagues. We wish her all the best.

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