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The Great Asian Wealth Handover Is On Its Way

2021 09 10 Asian Wealth Handover Header

Time marches on; the considerable wealth built up in Asia by what is now the older generation will inevitably become a question for the next generation. But how prepared are today's wealth creators to confront and manage the succession process? What hurdles will they face and is the Asian wealth management community ready and equipped to play its part in meeting the various challenges?

Jersey Finance (the marketing arm of the finance industry in Jersey) and Hubbis (the online financial news provider and commentator) have just published the results of an extensive joint survey on this very topic, involving extensive consultations with numerous wealth managers in Asia in order to find answers to these and other questions.

The survey shines a statistical light on prevailing attitudes and priorities among HNW families and the preparedness or otherwise of Asian wealth managers to meet the challenges and opportunities coming their way.

Jersey Finance Report

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