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Mathieu Forcioli from Moonfare Asia

While private equity is a key driver of modernisation, the investment process and customer experience for private equity funds is failing to keep pace. Expensive, time consuming and lacking transparency, the traditional structures are hindering progress. Enter Moonfare: a dynamic and robust technology platform that makes investing in private equity funds simple.

After Moonfare was established in 2016 with a headquarters in Berlin, Mathieu Forcioli, Head of Asia Pacific, had the vision to expand the company’s reach to Asia in 2019. “High net worth individuals in Asia have no means to easily invest in top-tier private equity funds, despite the attractive returns they provide” says Mathieu, “I set-up Moonfare Asia to address this.”

An investment banker by trade, Mathieu started his career in Paris, spent eight years in London and moved to Hong Kong in 2011. His most recent role was as Head of Private Markets in Asia at UBS—a role he left two years ago to spearhead Moonfare’s Asia expansion.

Having never set up a company in Hong Kong before, Mathieu was looking for expertise he could trust. He contacted a-pass for advice on getting started. To match Moonfare’s own laser-sharp focus on the customer experience, Mathieu was attracted to a-pass’s personal approach, “When we first established ourselves in Hong Kong, Moonfare Asia was a start-up with a very lean team. I needed essential support I could rely on.”

While Moonfare Asia initially engaged a-pass for setting up the company, it wasn’t long before Mathieu saw the benefits of their ongoing services. “Today I use a-pass for accounting, bookkeeping and corporate secretary services. It allows me to focus on growing the business, knowing that the essentials are taken care of.”

a-pass speak to Moonfare on a weekly basis—not just the Asia team, but coordinating efforts from Germany, too. “The level of trust and efficiency we’ve experienced with a-pass has given us the freedom to focus on what we do best.” And the results are clear: by the end of 2020, Moonfare Asia will have a staff complement of fifteen.

“As we grow, a-pass have continued to support us with an expanding scope of services. We value our partnership and see lasting benefits to having them as part of the team,” says Mathieu. “Outsourcing vital functions has brought us closer to our business goals, faster.”