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Why You Need a Company Secretary in Hong Kong!

Setting up a Hong Kong company is not too difficult, and almost anyone can be a director or even a shareholder of a company. But there are conditions when it comes to your company secretary.

  • Under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance you must have a company secretary.
  • Company secretary may either be an individual or body corporate.
  • As an individual you must reside in Hong Kong and be over 18 years old, for a body corporate you must have a registered office in Hong Kong and have a TCSP license.
  • Sole directors and shareholders cannot act as the company secretary.

Main Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

  • Incorporation of your company and provide the registered office address.
  • Assisting to meet tax compliance.
  • Filing all necessary statutory documents with Companies Registry such as annual returns, allotment and transfer of shares, changes to the director etc.
  • Maintenance of the company records and registers.
  • Act as the point of contact for the company and the Companies Registry.
  • Apply for the business registration certificate.
  • Attend all necessary shareholder, board and committee meetings and preparation of the relevant minutes and board resolutions.
  • Assist in the preparation of documents whether statutory or non-statutory by any Hong Kong Authority.

What Makes a Good Company Secretary?

The key to a good company secretary is good corporate governance and commitment. Your company secretary should have the drive to see your company achieve the best outcome and succeed.

As the company secretary works with several stakeholders, good communication skills and teamwork is vital, making company decisions easier and for the company secretary to work with the entire team.

Best Practices of A-PASS as Your Company Secretary

  • Review best practices for corporate governance as well as procedures.
  • Provision of training relating to any statutory and regulatory updates, changes in duties for directors and company secretarial practices.
  • Work with the Business Development team to provide you with strategies on restructuring, changing jurisdictions and ad hoc queries.

Thinking of Changing Your Company Secretary?

If you think it is time for a change and would like to change your company secretary, you will be happy to know that the process is quite simple and straightforward.

Once your request to change your company secretary is received, usually the new company secretary will then make sure all your company documentation is up to date before applying for the change through the Companies Registry, and then provide a smooth transition.

Why Choose A-PASS as Your Company Secretary?

A-PASS provides a holistic range of specialized corporate secretarial services to you, meaning we can cover all your business needs and can advise you on just about everything regarding administering your company.

Like you and most of our clients, we are also an SME, so we understand what is needed to set up and maintain your company. Our approach is very transparent from the very beginning and our team work closely with you during the transfer process and going forward year to year. Which is why our clients not only choose us but stay with us long term.

A-PASS’ mission is to help our clients succeed in their goals for their company. We have a team of company secretarial experts who understand the regulatory requirements and can guide you through this process.

Last Updated: September 2020