Our People

At A-PASS, we’ve earned our stripes with careers at international firms spanning multiple sectors. We are a focused and flexible team with the expertise to accommodate projects of all sizes, for businesses big or small.

We believe in transparency and communication. When you work with one of us, you work with all of us, and we are proud to be of service.

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Andrew Burgin

Managing Director

Robin Harris


Richard Watson

Business Development Director

Janelle Cowin

Human Resources and Operations Director

Carolyn Lui

Head of Corporate Secretarial Services

Maggie Choi

Manager, Accounting

Mandy Lui

Senior Manager, Compliance

Charles Kinsley


Simon Fraser


Part of the family

Capricorn Capital is a family-owned international investment firm that strengthens our team through their investment in our business.

Geoff Snelgar

Co-founder of Capricorn Capital Partners UK and the Yellowwoods Group with the Enthoven family.

Patrick Snelgar

Co-founder of Capricorn Capital Partners UK

Robert Gottlieb

Co-founder of Capricorn Capital Partners UK