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Trust Formation & Administration

Why Establish a Trust?

Trusts continue to enable families to:

  • Protect your wealth from third party claimants e.g., government appropriation, foreign forced heirship provisions, creditors, and probate issues.
  • Enjoy the benefit of their wealth without being burdened by the many issues of ownership.
  • Manage and preserve family businesses and other assets through many generations.
  • Set aside wealth to meet the philanthropic objectives of the family members.
  • Make efficient plans to meet or reduce tax liabilities
  • Care for people who are incapacitated or otherwise unable to look after themselves or their financial affairs.

A-PASS as your Trustee

Establishing a trust can be confusing and complex and will involve tax, financial, and legal implications. It is wise to select a trustee who you can trust and has the skills, understanding, and knowledge to manage all areas of trust administration.

A-PASS is an established corporate trustee that can offer the right professional services in the right jurisdictions, supported by local knowledge and global reach.

Our team comprises a diverse group of people who are dedicated and committed to delivering flexible solutions to help you plan and safeguard your wealth.

We can help you manage trust and company administration, accounting, legal, and taxation issues involved so you can grow, manage, and protect your legacy for generations to come.

Trust Administration

At A-PASS, each trust we administer has a dedicated team of professionals to ensure the trust assets are managed to the highest standard in accordance with the trust deed and applicable law. For specialist advice we work closely with a trusted team of legal, financial, and taxation experts.

  • We provide a complimentary initial consultation and review for your current structure and needs including futureproofing.
  • We help you define the right type of trust and jurisdiction that is the most efficient for you.
  • We provide general administration, bookkeeping and tax compliance.
  • We stay connected with our clients, so we know how best to maintain your trust.

Taking responsibility for the administration of properly designed trusts and other integrated holding structures such as Private Trust Companies (PTCs), A-PASS offers a full range of services including:

  • Provision of a corporate trustee.
  • Undertaking, or overseeing, the administration of trusts and other fiduciary structures in accordance with the terms of the trust instruments, and best practice.
  • Regularly monitoring the performance of chosen professionals to safeguard all trust assets.
  • Helping family appointed executors with all aspects of estate administration of the affairs of the deceased family member.
  • Monthly bookkeeping of the Trust and underlying entities.
  • Trust establishment or restructuring and continuing coordination with designated advisors such as lawyers, tax advisors and wealth managers.

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